Find the best Android TV Box with this shopping guide entitled What Android TV to buy?, for ths year 2022 where we want to present in a simple way the best models Android TV devices with which we can transform your old TV in a Smart TV.

All Smart TV Boxes that we show in this selection cost included.

  • Realme TV Stick 4K  cost included.
  • realme stick 4k review f08Xiaomi Mi Box S

    Although the popular Xiaomi Mi Box S has been surpassed by new models, it still deserves to be on our list of recommended Android Boxes. A very popular box with Android TV that includes voice control and Android TV OS. It has enough hardware to watch Netflix 4K HDR, use it for multimedia in 4K KODI, watch IPTV channels, for example, play simple titles (not PUBG) enjoys Xiaomi updates and has the necessary certificates to watch paid streaming platforms in 4K quality. IF you want more information you can read our review of the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

    Price of the Xiaomi Mi Box S

    Xiaomi Mi Box S

    Amazon Fire TV Stick

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a cheap alternative for use as a multimedia center and for which we also have the option of acquiring it with a remote control with voice functions to control the Alexa assistant. We have a variety of versions to choose from with more or less power and suitable for TVs with 1080p or 4K HDR resolutions.

    The Fire OS operating system, somewhat limited compared to Android TV, overall has a competent hardware, has the necessary certificates to watch 4K streaming on platforms like Netflix and others, has a good brand support. It is also valid for IPTV app or use KODI addons. read our Review of the X98 Mini.

    Price of the X98 Mini

    • The TVBOX X98 mini can be purchased on Amazon or Aliexpress only for $40 in its version with 2 GB of RAM.

    X98 mini

    X96 X4

    The X96 X4 is a cheap and efficient media player that deserves to be in our list of best TV-Box. It has an Android 11 system, with the new and powerful S905X4 chip that decodes AV1 and is suitable for IPTV or KODI 4K HDR, as well as being able to run some of the most powerful games. Like all Chinese Boxes of this type, the paid streaming apps only work in basic video quality. .

    A95X F3 price

    A95X F3

    Mecool KT1

    The Mecool KT1 is the best Android Box you can buy if you’re looking for something with a built-in satellite or HD DVB-T tuner.  This Box is enhanced with a powerful and modern S905X4 processor, brings Android TV 10 as operating system with integrated Chromecast for Youtube. It also allows you to watch some paid streaming services in 4K quality like Prime Video, use it for KODI or IPTV apps. To see all its specifications read our Mecool KT1 Review.

    Mecool KT1 price

    Mecool KT1


    Android TV-Box or mini PC ?

    • Android TV-Box – It is an Android device in TV-Box or TV-Stick format that offers us the possibility of converting our screen or TV into an Android device, with it we have the option of having all of this system’s apps on the big screen. You can use it as a multimedia player such as KODI or LibreELEC system, streaming applications such as Netflix, play games, use desktop apps and use file download managers.
    • Mini PC – These mini PCs are small computers usually with Windows 11 fully functional, we can use them as a conventional PC but with a minimum consumption and they are mostly fanless. We can use it as a desktop PC with office suites, simple games or HTPC. You can check our mini PC selection for more information.

    Common uses and recommendations

    • If we have any problem with one of these models we recommend following the Guide to solutions for common problems where we explain how to deal with hardware problems, such as reinstalling Firmware, Windows or managing your warranty.
    • Brand support : Some Android TV-Box and mini PC devices have a very low price and we usually do not find information about them. Normally these devices are products of a unknown brand that does not offer support to their products with what is possible that then we find problems with their firmware, hardware deficient or with variations within the same model. We recommend models that we have tested and brands that we know give at least a minimum support to their devices.
    • Power : At power level we need to browse and watch movies at least 2GB of RAM and a Quad Core processor, all models in this selection have enough hardware for these needs.


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