With this shopping guide entitled What mini PC to buy? in 2022 we want to present in a simple way the best models of mini PC computers with Windows that we review on our website.

These small computers perfectly valid for desktop use using Windows or Linux, surfing the internet, office applications, photo retouching, video playback or any streaming service like Youtube or Netflix 4K HDR with zero noise and minimal power consumption. The most powerful models allow us to Gaming if we put the quality settings to the necessary level. Undoubtedly an excellent choice for those looking for a PC that occupies little space, consumes the minimum and offers maximum performance.

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mini PC

Intel mini PC

Intel mini PCs offer a good solution as a compact computer at a reduced price. Currently we have two options with these processors, those that integrate an Intel HD graphics GPU valid for multimedia or light games and on the other hand the Intel Gen11+ processors or higher that have Intel Xe GPU that allow us to play more demanding games.. You can read our last Reviews for Intel mini PCs.

Best Intel mini PC Deals

Beelink gti 8259u review n09 min

Mini PC with discrete NVidia GPU

This type of mini PC with discrete NVidia GPU offers us the power of an Intel processor in conjunction with dedicated NVidia GPUs that allow us to play demanding games with good graphics quality. It is more than enough hardware to use Windows 11 smoothly and play any multimedia content such as Netflix 4K HDR.

Best Mini PC with discrete NVidia GPU

Mini PC with discrete NVidia GPU

Intel NUC

A Intel Nuc is a small desktop or HTPC computer with very versatile design, you can buy a barebone version or with full configuration. They have enough hardware to use Windows 11 without problems and play any 4K multimedia content. You can play indie and basic 3D games or emulators depending if you have a model with Intel HD Graphics iGPU or the new Intel Iris Xe iGPU.

Best Intel Nuc deals

Intel NUC 11 Pro UCFF Intel Core i3 1115G4Aluminium Fanless Mini PC

The Aluminium Fanless mini PCs are an interesting fanless solution that work very well  for the price, you can buy this model with Intel Core i7 / i5 / i3 processors or a more economical Celeron option. Inside we can mount a various disks or two RAM modules, this allows us to work seriously with design or video editing programs in total silence.

Best Intel Nuc deals

Aluminium Fanless mini PC


 mini PC or Android TV-Box ?

  • Mini PC – These mini PCs are small computers usually with Windows 11 fully functional, we can use them as a conventional PC but with a minimum consumption and they have fanless versions. We can use it as a desktop PC with office suites, simple games or HTPC.
  • Android TV-Box – It is an Android device in TV-Box or TV-Stick format that offers us the possibility of converting our screen or TV into an Android device, with it we have the option of having all of this system’s apps on the big screen. You can use it as a multimedia player such as KODI or LibreELEC system, streaming applications such as Netflix, play games, use desktop apps and use file download managers. You can check our Android TV-Box selection for more information.

Common uses and recommendations

  • If we have any problem with one of these models we recommend following the Guide to solutions for common problems where we explain how to deal with hardware problems, such as reinstalling Firmware, Windows or managing your warranty.
  • Brand support: Some Android TV-Box and mini PC devices have a very low price and we usually do not find information about them. Normally these devices are products of a unknown brand that does not offer support to their products with what is possible that then we find problems with their firmware, hardware deficient or with variations within the same model. We recommend models that we have tested and brands that we know give at least a minimum support to their devices.
  • Power: At power level we need to browse and watch movies at least 2GB of RAM and a Quad Core processor, all models in this selection have enough hardware for these needs.


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