Cloud Textract PHP Scripts Features

  • Support for documents in 6 Languages (EN | FR | DE | IT | PT | ES)
  • Support for documents in PDF | PNG | JPEG formats
  • Support for handwritten documents in English language
  • Powered By Amazon Web Services
  • Document Form Key Pair identification
  • Document Table identification
  • Receipt Analysis for Summary and Item data
  • Support for documents in PNG | JPEG formats up to 10MB in size
  • Support for documents in PDF format up to 500MB in size
  • Support for documents in PDF format up to 3000 pages
  • Full Affiliate/Referral system
  • Fully Responsive Interface
  • Create Monthly Subscription Plan easily
  • Create Various Prepaid Plans easily
  • Create Coupons/Promocodes for Prepaid Plans
  • Various Included Payment Gateways
  • Closely Monitor Monthly & Yearly Incomes
  • Closely Monitor Estimated Spending for Textract Services
  • Fully Ready to go SaaS Platform
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Developed with PHP 7.4.x and Laravel 8.4.x
  • Cloud Textract 1.0.1 Nulled - Extract Text and Data from Documents

    Cloud Textract is a SaaS platform that uses a machine learning (ML) service that automatically extracts text, handwriting, and data from scanned documents.


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