WooCommerce PDF Catalog Features

  • Add background color
  • Choose text size
  • Show or Hide Elements
  • Create a custom header
  • Choose line height
  • Choose a position of the Links
  • Shortcode-Support
  • Add extra texts before OR after your products
  • Add a table of contents
  • 6 Products Layouts
  • Choose image size
  • Create a custom footer
  • Show Subcategories
  • Choose a container Padding
  • Choose vertical aligment
  • Add a QR-Code of your Products
  • 5 Category Layouts
  • Add borders
  • Full PDF Catalog
  • Add an Index
  • Add some special advanced settings
  • Add an Cover page
  • More than 30 possible layouts
  • Exclude parent products when showing subcategories
  • Category PDF Catalog
  • Cart PDF Catalog
  • Choose text alignment
  • Sale Products PDF Catalog
  • WooCommerce PDF Catalog 1.16.7

    WooCommerce PDF Catalog from your whole Shop or just from a product category. Directly inside your shop, customizable as you want and simply beautiful! No need of HTML or CSS, create everything inside the admin panel.


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