YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Features

  • You can remove points assigned to orders that are later cancelled or refunded
  • Assign a specific number of points for each simple or variable product to the users who purchase on your store
  • Reset points history for all users registered to the shop or just for some of them
  • You can edit all labels and messages shown to users
  • You can assign extra points when the following conditions occur
  • You can set a maximum amount for discounts (customisable per category and single product)
  • Users can redeem their points on the checkout
  • You can assign points also to customers who have purchased before the plugin was installed
  • Import points history from WooCommerce Points and Rewards
  • Assign points only when the order gets a specific status: Order completed, Payment completed, Order processing
  • You can assign or remove points from customers’ balance manually and add a description (visible to customers) to motivate this action
  • Shortcode that allows showing the points history to users
  • Import or export points from or to a CSV file
  • You can override points awarding rules on category and product level
  • You can assign points to a new registered user if there are previous orders with the same email as billing email New
  • You can enable email sending to users each time their point credit is updated
  • Ban/unban all users or some of them so they can or can’t benefit from your Points rewarding program
  • Insert “My points” link in customers’ account page
  • Admin can view a list of users and points collected with purchases
  • View how many points every product awards on archive pages
  • Show points in order details in My Account and in the Order confirmation email
  • Possibility to set a minimum amount of discount under which users can’t redeem their points
  • Enable free shipping also if purchasing through points
  • Send reminder emails some days before points expire
  • You can enable messages to inform users about
  • Users can benefit of a discount calculated according to their points balance or select the number of points to use and change the discount amount accordingly
  • You can customise point assignment according to WordPress role users have
  • Widget ‘YITH YWPAR Points Rewards’ showing users their current points balance
  • Users can view points earned so far in “My account” page
  • Admin can update the number of points earned by users
  • Limit the possibility to redeem points only to specific user roles
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Account Funds
  • Widget in the dashboard to allow the administrator to view users that have collected more points so far and those who have used discounts
  • Possibility to set a percent discount based on the product price
  • You can decide to round up points or round down points
  • Limit the possibility to earn points only to specific user roles
  • Set the conversion rate (spend/points) to set the number of points customers can collect for each purchase
  • Allow the shop manager to edit the users’ points
  • You can set an expiration date for points collected
  • YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium 3.7.0 Nulled

    Loyalize your customers with an effective point-based loyalty program and instant rewards. Collector schemes are a powerful marketing tool. You will encourage customers to purchase again and spend more to collect points and achieve their goal.


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