Cerber Security Pro Plugin Features

  • Mitigates brute force and code injection attacks
  • Scans all folders for new and modified files
  • Uses a global list of IP addresses known for malicious activity
  • Protects WooCommerce forms and check-out page
  • Restricts access to REST API and XML-RPC
  • Cybercriminals are tracked
  • Scheduled scans on an hourly and daily basis
  • Monitors user activity
  • Cerber Security Cloud
  • Protects registration, lost password and login forms
  • Anti-spam for all forms on a website
  • Restricts access with GEO country rules
  • Automatically cleans up spam comments
  • Emails alerts and reports when it’s needed
  • Country rules restrict form submissions by a set of GEO rules
  • Scans all files, WordPress themes and plugins
  • Prevents both REST API and ordinary user enumerations
  • Automatic virus, trojan, and malware removal
  • Rich GEO access rules
  • Automatic WordPress file recovery
  • Layered security
  • Keeps you informed
  • Cerber Security Pro 9.0 - WordPress Security Plugin

    Cerber Security Pro Nulled vigorously defends WordPress against hacker attacks, spam, and malware. Blazingly fast and reliable by design.


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