Agile Store Locator WordPress Plugin Features

  • Add Markers with Each Category, Switch between Category Markers and Default Markers
  • Full Width Interactive Google Maps Template
  • Easily customize your info window content, which is a very unique feature
  • 2 Prompt Location dialog for GeoLocation
  • Extra Template for Deals Websites to show their exciting deals on Maps
  • Fetch Location Coordinates (Lat/Lng) as you type in store address
  • Marker Manage Panel
  • Too many markers? Enable Marker Clustering
  • Analytics Bar Chart to Show Searches, top stores and top locations
  • Assign Multiple Categories to single store
  • Multiple Layouts with Listing and Accordion Option
  • Logo Management Panel
  • Analytics Bar Chart to Show user searches which location they have searched most and which store is seen most
  • Easily customize your store list by just adding few keywords
  • Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection
  • Prompt Location 2nd dialog ask user to enter his Default Location in case site is not using SSL
  • Admin Dashboard for Store Locator with all the stats of your markers, stores, categories and search
  • Accordion template with hierarchy of Countries, States, Cities and Stores
  • All the ASL Settings can be Overridden by ShortCode Attributes
  • Add Minimum and Maximum Zoom Level for your google maps
  • 5 Beautiful Themes for frontend
  • Multiple Beautiful InfoWindow
  • Extra Template for Real Estate websites to show their Properties and categorize them into Sale, Rent and Featured
  • Time Selection for Each Day for Every Location
  • Duplicate any Store with a Single Click
  • Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress 4.7.20

    Agile Store Locator is a premium WordPress Google Maps Plugin designed to offer you immediate access to all the best stores in your local area.


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