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YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium 3.3.6

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Yith WooCommerce多供应商是一个电子商务平台的新想法,它在网络上越来越流行,想想Etsy、Amazon和Ali Express等网站,它们正在为网络购物创造新的趋势。这为客户提供了更多来自不同供应商的产品,因此选择范围更广。


  • Vendor page creation with the following information: name, PayPal email address, Owner, Store description, Slug
  • Global Commission Rate
  • Superadmin can enable or disable sales for each vendor
  • Manage vendor’s products
  • Manage linked products: grouped, upsells and cross-sells
  • Edit vendor information: name, description, PayPal email address, slug
  • Change Vendor label
  • Superadmin makes payments on the basis of his/her own policy, agreed by vendors when starting cooperation
  • Sales and commissions reports
  • Tab “Vendor” with information about the supplier (if any) and link to vendor’s page on the single product page
  • Vendor’s name next to product name on the shop page
  • Vendor’s name next to product name on the single product page
  • Widget for displaying a list of all vendors
  • Distinct order management for each vendor of the store
  • Synchronization of orders, so that any change to the main order is applied also to the vendors’ ones
  • Dashboard notification for products that need approval
  • All users that ask to become vendors are registered in the shop with the ‘Vendor’ role
  • Customise vendors’s pages with additional information (contact info, social networks etc.)
  • Name one or more administrators for you vendor shop
  • Edit commission rate for vendor and for single product
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Costs of Goods: you can include or exclude the production cost of your products in the calculation of commissions
  • Publish products for sale without super admin permission (customisable for each vendor)
  • Advanced reports for vendor shops: orders, stock management and commissions
  • Advanced reports for admin: registered vendors and sales report for each single vendor
  • Pay commissions using bulk actions
  • Pay commissions manually
  • Pay commissions automatically with YITH Stripe Connect for WooCommerce (premium version)
  • Notify commission payments via email
  • Handle coupons: super admin can decide to include coupons in commission calculation or not
  • Show a summary of all commissions and filter them using advanced filters (product, user, date etc.)
  • Link to the vendor’s page displayed below the product
  • Decide the position for “Vendors” tab in single product page
  • Product listing: display vendors’ products in shop page or not
  • Add or remove links to vendor shop in common shop page, in single product page and in category page
  • Advanced management of related products
  • Show the shop Google Map for each vendor thanks to the widget YITH Vendor Store Location
  • Add a contact form to the sidebars of the product and vendor detail pages: the message is forwarded directly to the vendor (widget YITH Vendor Quick Info)
  • Hide the widget “Quick info” to unlogged users
  • Customise header of the vendor shop page
  • Manage your vendor using bulk actions
  • Register a new vendor from front end
  • “Become a Vendor” page: to allow your already registered users to become vendors of your site
  • Dashboard notification for administrators for each new vendor registration
  • Accept automatically vendor registration, skipping the manual approval by administrators
  • Set maximum amount of products that each vendor can put on sale
  • Each vendor can create his/her own coupons
  • Each vendor can manage reviews of his/her own products
  • Let users send messages about shop products to the administrator
  • Send again the notification email to vendors for a new or a cancelled order
  • Administrators can set a minimum commission threshold under which preventing payments
  • Allow or block vendors to set one or more products as featured
  • Show the sold amount of each product linked to a vendor
  • Show the sold amount of products for each vendor in the related detail page
  • Use the shortcode to add the complete list of all vendors of the shop
  • Freedom to send to administrators a copy of the email sent with the contact form of the “Quick Info” widget
  • Administrators can let vendors close their shops for vacations for a specific number of days
  • Users that try to register as vendors must add their VAT number
  • Refund management system available for vendors
  • Change vendor taxonomy slug
  • Hide vendors’ logo in their page or allow them to choose if displaying it or not
  • Remove “vendor” tab from the product detail page
  • Possibility to hide “customer” section to vendors in order detail page
  • Advanced editor of shop description, vendor side
  • Admin can rename the Vendor tab
  • “Legal notes” field for vendors
  • IBAN/BIC fields in vendor personal information
  • Admin can disable payment information in “Order details” page for vendors
  • “Terms and conditions” fields for vendors in Registration and “Become a vendor” pages
  • Vendors can manage media through WordPress gallery
  • Create a WordPress menu with the list of all vendors
  • Administrator can assign more products to single vendors in a massive way
  • Administrator can access vendor’s dashboard through user switch
  • create their shipping zones and apply the related shipping methods
  • apply a cost based on the shipping
  • apply an additional cost to each new product added to cart
  • show refund and shipping policies
  • set the country from where products are shipped

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