Windows Package Manager 1.3.432-preview


This release is the first development build after the Windows Package Manager 1.2 release candidate build for Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11.

Experimental features have been enabled in this release. This build will be released to Windows Insider Dev builds, and Windows Package Manager Insiders.

What’s Changed

  • Add Package Dependencies to index. by @hackean-msft in #1667
  • Update by @opsetech in #1770
  • Bug fix: PackageTrackingCatalog and SQLiteIndexUpdate by @hackean-msft in #1780
  • Update TSG with more information about a known issue by @ashpatil-msft in #1785
  • Added argument to control whether to upgrade packages if they have “unknown” versions by @jedieaston in #1765
  • First drafted client cmdlets from Hackathon 221 by @denelon in #1760
  • Fix some build warnings by @lechacon in #1794
  • Fix Typo in by @floh96 in #1822
  • Add support for UnsupportedOSArchitectures manifest element by @lechacon in #1807
  • Added check for maximum size of downloaded file names by @jedieaston in #1842
  • Fix DLL load error in WinGetUtil by @lechacon in #1844
  • Update localization strings by @JohnMcPMS in #1845
  • Add comments for localization by @lechacon in #1847
  • Moved “Installing Dependencies” message to only print if there are dependencies to install. by @jedieaston in #1851
  • Adds experiment to know if PATH is common issue. by @Lewiscowles1986 in #1841
  • Check FS feature flags instead of checking for NTFS by @sredna in #1859
  • Add titles to 1.1 schema for ExpectedReturnCode and UnsupportedOSArchitecture by @ryfu-msft in #1862
  • Split pipeline build job into x86 and x64 by @lechacon in #1852
  • Allow upgrades in packages that register a different installer type by @lechacon in #1796
  • Add a default user agent to REST source calls by @JohnMcPMS in #1839
  • Add upgrade functionality in Com api by @yao-msft in #1853
  • Print the upgrade table during upgrade --all by @jedieaston in #1866
  • Add support for markets by @lechacon in #1806
  • [ImgBot] Optimize images by @vedantmgoyal2009 in #1871
  • Fix crash that can occur when failure pointers are null by @JohnMcPMS in #1880
  • Added extra check for valid arguments in upgrade. by @jedieaston in #1874
  • Add InstallerErrorCode to COM interface by @JohnMcPMS in #1926
  • Update gif animation for winget install wingetcreate by @ryfu-msft in #1931
  • Bump version to 1.3 by @JohnMcPMS in #1933

New Contributors

  • @opsetech made their first contribution in #1770
  • @floh96 made their first contribution in #1822
  • @Lewiscowles1986 made their first contribution in #1841
  • @sredna made their first contribution in #1859

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